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In addition to anything electrical, we offer products like energy saving lighting automation and heat controls, multi room audio systems, and data/voice/cable communication systems.

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We also specialize in technology upgrades such as EV Chargers in parking areas.

The Future of Smart Home Lighting in Vancouver

The Canadian company Nelcan Electric is a high-quality supplier of electrical equipment with special competence in the field of lighting systems. Our sector is being led by the marketing team comprising of highly skilled professionals with a wide range of services from residential lighting installations to commercial lighting.

Our experience goes beyond Lutron Lighting, a brand that is leading in smart home technology. By having a specialized team who knows how to install and operate advanced systems, We guarantee the full potential for energy efficiency will be achieved.

We offer customer services that suit individual needs and achieve anything from revamping the architectural design with a focus on artificial lighting to perfecting energy conservation with smart systems.

Top-Rated Vancouver Sonos Consultant and Setup Pro

Nelcan Electrical has made its way into the market with its amazing services and qualified staff in the audio-visual industry. From a highly competent and passionate team of members we provide full- service package ranging from sonos consultation to installation that would be suitable for both residential and commercial customers.

Our knowledge is inclusive of personal Sonos design systems to the integration and management in our client’s current facilities. We are recognized for our careful and skillfully work, willingness to provide high-quality products and customer-satisfactory service.

We cover all the nuances – home entertainment or business AV capabilities.  Whether you’re looking to make your family room theatre or upgrade your business’s audio visual capacity, our consultations and set up services are there for you to meet your need and exceed your expectation.  

Bringing EV Charging and Installation to Vancouver Homes

Being the foremost electrical company in Vancouver, Nelcan Electric has the task of capitalizing on the chance of sustainable energy by supplying the community with EV charging stations in their homes. This can be seen as a natural reflection of our policymaker’s dedication to sustainable development and driving the development of electric cars.

Through EV charging station installation, Nelcan Electric is not only providing convenience for EV drivers but also positively affecting others who are considering electric vehicles. This innovation from our company is responsible for the advancement of Vancouver towards sustainability programs. 

Helping Vancouver Shine Brighter with Innovative Lutron

In Vancouver, the city with skyscrapers against each other in an ornamented embrace, the search for better ways to illuminate our buildings is the most important. As far as we know, this is the exact area where Lutron Electric by Nelcan Electric comes into the picture with a number of advanced lighting solutions that not only are energy-wise but also look simply adorable. 

Lutron’s advanced technology makes it possible for a user to have full and easy control of the lightning with just a touch from a mobile device, which helps the user create a perfect ambiance for any setting.

Furthermore, energy efficiency is emphasized in the design of Lutron products, which utilize advanced lighting technology.  Unlike other products that may compromise performance and style in order to save energy, Lutron products are known to perform better without ever compromising on style.