Vancouver's Residential Electricians

At Nelcan Electric we are committed to excellence and attention to detail. With over 30 years of experience in the field, our professional team of qualified electricians and apprentices make Nelcan a great choice for your electrical needs.

Service Calls

We are happy to take on service work for homeowners and businesses, as well as regular maintenance for property management companies.

Renovation, Construction, Electrical Panel Upgrade in Vancouver

Whether it be a small kitchen renovation, high-end custom home, small cafe, design award-winning restaurant, colour changing outdoor LED panels on a landmark building, or just a routine service call, we offer the utmost of service and absolutely stand behind our work and our products.

EV Charger Installation

There are many types and sizes of EV chargers to choose from. We can guide you through this selection and make it easy for you. We will apply for the permit, submit a load calculation, and install the charger that suits your needs. If your current infrastructure cannot handle the new EV demand then we can also guide you through EV management systems.

Smart Home Services

Imagine waking up to your favorite morning music playing softly from your home audio system while the shades begin to rise silently and effortlessly, slowly revealing the morning sunshine. You shuffle into your bathroom and the lights automatically begin to dim up, though not all the way up,  so as to not shock those tired morning eyes.

These are just some of the conveniences of smart home automation. 

Shades, HVAC

& Theatre


Nelcan Electric Specializing in Vancouver Residential Electrical Systems

Nelson Electric, a company with a long-standing history in the Vancouver area for best electrical solutions for residential homeowners, is one of the top companies in this local area. We have a strong safety record, first-class quality, and customer-oriented services, we have become the “go-to” source for residential electrical products in the city.

Our team consists of highly trained and certified electrician’s who have years of experience and extensive knowledge, which they apply to every task, ensuring precision to every job. From simple tasks such as breakdowns that need to be repaired to sophisticated works like installations and upgrades, Nelcan Electric is available for a wide variety of services that result in keeping Vancouver’s residential sector happy.

The use of the latest tooling and materials, as well as the command of the industry trends by our specialists, ensures that the solutions we deliver are innovative, functional, and efficient and contribute to energy conservation and sustainable development.

Trusted Electrician Breathing New Life Into Vancouver Homes

Driven by core-value service, Nelcan Electric is transforming the residential setting of Vancouver by adding new energy to the homes. We strive to provide the highest quality and safety standards and ensure that the electrical solutions provided exceed home functionality levels and, much deservingly, cause a significant increase in their overall value.

The electricians who make up our staff are among the best in the field, with most of them holding the necessary certification and having many years of experience under their belt.  This guarantees every project is done with surgical precision and a high level of professionalism. 

Nelcan Electric has been serving its utmost to meet the different electrical needs of homeowners in Vancouver. The fact that we have an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, plus being updated on the latest industry trends and relevant technologies, has led us to the status of being a trusted electrician service in Vancouver.

We did this by providing superb customer service, which not only helped revitalize communities but also determined the shape of the future of Vancouver’s residential sector.

Vancouver Electrician: Providing Reliable Panel Upgrade Services

Nelcan Electric Providing Electrician Services, located in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, is a well-known company in the area for dependable panel upgrade services. Our team of highly skilled and professional electricians with many years of experience in this field is at your disposal as a leading electrical contractor; we have been proudly serving the Metro Vancouver area since many year.

A thing that needs to be appreciated is our panel upgrade service. Facing the development of technology and the growing power of the household economy, electrical panels that are reliable and efficient have become of paramount importance nowadays.

Recognizing this demand, we provides an all-inclusive panel upgrade service to verify that your home electrical system can meet its growing power requirements. Determining the operability of your existing electrical infrastructure, locating any issues, and implementing a smooth upgrade for the system are the key operations of our process.

Upon entrusting the caring services of our company, you can be free from doubts as proper electrical panel installation is in the hands of the experts.