At Nelcan Electric we are committed to excellence and attention to detail. With over 25 years of experience in the field, our professional team of qualified electricians and apprentices make Nelcan a great choice for your electrical needs.

Service Calls

We have a full-time service department allowing us to respond to emergency calls for a business or homeowner, or regular maintenance for management companies.

Renovation, Construction, Panel Upgrade

Whether it be a small kitchen renovation, high end custom home, small cafe, design award winning restaurant, colour changing outdoor LED panels on a Landmark building, or just a routine service call, we offer the utmost of service and absolutely stand behind our work and our products.

EV Charger Installation

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Smart Home Services

Imagine waking up to your favorite morning music playing softly from your home audio system while the shades begin to rise silently and effortlessly, slowly revealing the morning sunshine. You shuffle into your bathroom and the lights automatically begin to dim up, though not all the way up,  so as to not shock those tired morning eyes.

These are just some of the conveniences of smart home automation. 

Shades, HVAC

& Theatre